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5 powerful plant-based liquid supplements5 powerful plant-based liquid supplements

Liquid plant-based supplements may be more easily absorbed than capsules. Check out these five new products.  

Heather B. Fried

August 29, 2013

3 Min Read
5 powerful plant-based liquid supplements

Plant-based supplement ingredients open up many more product options to the growing number of vegans. In fact, we’re seeing shoppers increasingly favor potato, rice, pea, hemp and soy proteins over whey. Plus, omegas sourced from flaxseed, algae, sesame, pumpkin seed and other plants don’t carry the same sustainability issues as their fish-based counterparts.

Most Americans need to eat more fruits and leafy greens, and swallowing them in supplement form delivers simplicity, implicit safety and hopefully the nutrients even the healthiest diets still lack. Swallowing them in liquid form? Even better. 

Liquid supplements—or those that easily mix into a drinkable form—go down smoother than pills. And in some cases, liquefied nutrients are said to be more bioavailable. So go ahead, encourage your customers to drink up the power of plants.

Plant-derived has arrived, liquefied 

Amazing Grasslemon.png
Green SuperFood
Pineapple Lemongrass is the latest flavor in Amazing Grass’s Green SuperFood line. This packet’s full of concentrated greens, fruits and support herbs to supercharge water, juice or smoothies. In addition to the Green SuperFood blend of all-organic ingredients, a fruit-and-veggie mix includes concentrated coconut water, along with fiber and digestive enzyme/active culture blends. It’s also made with more than 80 percent raw ingredients. SRP: $2.99; Booth 5930

Gaia Herbsgaia.png
PlantForce Liquid Iron
Bathed in a base of botanicals, this product provides herbal-enhanced iron absorption. Oxygen, iron and phosphorus—a key component of Gaia’s blend—make up a blood-building trio of cellular energy efficiency. Much time went into developing the taste profile: Organic elderberry juice flavors the supplement, organic honey sweetens it and sweet orange essential oil and star anise extract lend a hint of citrus and spice.
SRP: $25.99, 8.5 oz.

MacroLife Naturals Jr. Macromacro_20greens.png
Coco Greens
Picky eaters won’t know the health that hit ’em when parents slip some serious nutrition into their chocolate milk. Gluten and dairy free, this cocoa powder has a hint of berry flavor and dishes up three servings of fruits and veggies, plus plenty of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes, all with almost no calories or sugar. SRP: $22.99, 7.1 oz.

Rushmore Essentialsrevive.png
From apple and blueberry to white grape and yumberry, this little grab-and-go bottle is filled with 21 superfruits plus green tea extract, milk thistle and EpiCor superfood yeast complex. It’s also free from preservatives and added sugar. Green tea extract is the only ingredient that separates REvive from its sister product, REvitalize, which is sold in a 32-ounce bottle. SRP: $2.99 to $3.49, 2.5 oz.

African Red Tea Importsafrican.png
Organic Rooibos Sceletium
A feeling of alert serenity is associated with taking Zembrin, the branded extract of the African herb Sceletium tortuosumused in this tea. Clinical results show that healthy adults recorded “unsolicited positive effects on well-being,” including “improved coping with stress and sleep.” African Red Tea Imports offers this intriguing botanical as a rooibos tea blend. SRP: $6.00, 20 bags.





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