Supplements, beauty products, and tea to help you heal and find balance as you enter the new year.

Jessica Rubino, Vice President, Content

December 21, 2010

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Ayurvedic healing products

Spice: R.U.Ved spice powders
An easy way to balance your “dosha” (an Ayurvedic term meaning “body type”; the three main doshas are “vata,” “pitta,” and “kapha”), these spice blends are ideal for sprinkling into soups, stews, and other savory foods.

Body care: Bhaktiveda nourishing massage oil
This massage oil from Bhaktiveda—a new Ayurvedic body care line—combines sesame oil, turmeric, nut grass, sarsaparilla, bergamot, and vetiver to ease muscles and soothe skin.

Supplement: Planetary Ayurvedics holy basil
Holy basil is an ancient Ayurvedic healing herb that now boasts scientific data to back up its stress-reduction benefits and its ability to fight free radicals. Take this supplement daily to promote overall calmness and well-being.

Tea: The Tao of Tea certified organic Ayurvedic teas
These USDA Organic teas come in five dosha-balancing varieties that feature Indian herbs and spices. Healing herbs include lemongrass, holy basil, and hibiscus.

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