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Checking in with enzyme supplements maker Enzymedica

Since an updated formula won it a New Hope NEXTY Award in 2013, Enzymedica has expanded its consumer base and has new launches in the works this year.

Melissa Kvidahl Reilly

October 26, 2016

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Checking in with enzyme supplements maker Enzymedica

Many times, products and brands recognized with a New Hope Network NEXTY Award are new to the market, breaking the mold when it comes to flavors, ingredients or functions. But in 2013, at Natural Products Expo West, the winner in the supplement category was a tried-and-true enzyme product from Enzymedica, already the No. 1-selling enzyme product on the market.

What set it apart was that it got a substantial makeover that reinvigorated sales and interest that year. Indeed, nearly 40 percent of the popular vote, cast by consumers, retailers and manufacturers, went to this product in 2013.

Digest Gold was (and still is) Enzymedica’s flagship enzyme supplement. In 2013, though, the formula was updated to include ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a coenzyme used to move energy within living cells. Why? When foods are broken down and assimilated effectively, energy is released in the form of ATP. The new and improved Digest Gold boasted a blend of critical nutrients that provide and enhance ATP, in order to boost digestion, assimilation and energy production overall.

“Digestion requires a tremendous amount of energy from the body,” explains CEO Scott Sensenbrenner of the reformulation. “We recognized that if we could support the overall digestive process with scott-sensenbrenner-enzymedica.jpgenzymes, there would be a benefit to also promoting ATP production. By adding the ATPro blend to Digest Gold, we were able to create a more comprehensive product that better addressed the needs of our customers.”

Today, three years later, Sensenbrenner says that the consumer base for Digest Gold has grown substantially as more shoppers understand the benefits of enzymes. “Digest Gold continues to be a key driver in the digestive category,” adds Sensenbrenner, “as the No. 1 enzyme product in the United States.”

And, now? Enzymedica is stepping up again with new launches in 2016, from Acid Soothe Chewables to Lypo Gold, a high potency lipase blend to promote quick and efficient fat digestion. “Enzymedica was built on the foundation of exceptional education for both our retailers and consumers. In recent years, we have expanded our ability to provide cutting-edge product training and enzyme education both in-store and online,” says Sensenbrenner of the company’s main growth driver. “We are extremely excited to offer some new and truly innovative products in the near future.”

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Melissa Kvidahl Reilly is a freelance writer and editor with 10 years of experience covering news and trends in the natural, organic and supplement markets. She lives and works in New Jersey.

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