January 31, 2010

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Cutting-edge research - February 2010

Açai lowers cholesterol
According to a recent study investigating the antioxidant potential and hypocholesterolemic effects of açai published recently in the Nutrition Journal, diet supplementation with açai pulp decreased levels of total and non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in rats.
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Resveratrol may heal hearts
Data from two analyses of the first human study of DSM's resVida brand trans-resveratrol demonstrated cardiovascular benefits in humans. The data were presented at the Fourth International Conference on Polyphenols and Health (ICPH) in Yorkshire, England, Dec. 7-10, 2009, and the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) and Nutrition Society of New Zealand (NSNZ) Joint Annual Scientific Meeting in Newcastle, NSW, Dec. 8-11, 2009.
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Not all beta-glucans created equal
Subtle differences in the molecular structure of various beta 1,3/1,6 glucans can significantly affect their ability to enhance innate immune system responses, according to research recently presented by Biothera at the National Cancer Institutes Frontiers in Basic Immunology 2009.
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Pomegranate moving to hospitals?
The infection-fighting properties of pomegranate were greatly enhanced by combining the rind of the fruit with metal salts and vitamin C, leading to potential for the rind to be turned into an ointment. According to an article on news-medical.net, citing research conducted by scientists from Kingston University in South West London, the ointment could treat staph infections and other infections in hospitals.
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