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New ingredients

vitacherr.jpgTart red cherries for supplements
VitaCherry, a new supplement ingredient made from tart red cherries, is rich in phytochemicals such as anthocyanins and melatonin. Used for centuries as a remedy for gout and arthritis, tart cherries are also high in ORAC values, making them potentially beneficial for heart and circulatory health, VDF FutureCeuticals explains. VitaCherry is available as a free-flowing powder for encapsulation or for use in supplements and meal replacements. VDF FutureCeuticals is a division of Van Drunen Farms.
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Fermented wheat germ reaches the US
The first dietary supplement available in the US to contain the ingredient Avemar has been launched by American BioSciences, under the name Avé. Avemar, a compound made from wheat germ fermented by baker?s yeast, has undergone more than 20 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. It was developed by Hungarian scientist Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a recipient of the 1937 Nobel Prize, who theorized that supplemental quantities of the naturally occurring compound di-methoxy-substituted benzoquinones would help regulate the processes of cellular metabolism and immune system regulation.?Once-a-day usage of Avé has been scientifically shown to do both, American BioSciences reports. These studies also reveal that Avemar promotes optimal natural killer cell targeting ability, and the coordinated response of macrophages, B-cells and T-cells.
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pom.jpgStandardised pomegranate
P40p is a new standardised pomegranate extract with a minimum of 40 per cent punicosides, distributed by PL Thomas, an ingredients supplier in New Jersey. Punicosides are polyphenols belonging to the punicalagins group, and are the most powerful antioxidants found in pomegranates. P40p was developed in collaboration with Canary Islands-based research company Poliant SL. Studies indicate benefits from as little as 50mL (1.7oz) of pomegranate juice per day. When compared to the leading brand of juice in the US, this is equivalent to 45-50mg of P40p a day, PL Thomas expla-ins. P40p is the only kosher-certified pomegranate extract available. It is allergen free and does not contain the sugars found in juice.
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Grain-based performance flour
Launched under the Homecraft brand, a new line of high performance, grain-based flours by National Starch Food Innovation is designed to import a ?made at home? feel to pre-prepared foods, giving them a natural, rich and luxurious appearance and an indulgent, smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel. The Homecraft range eliminates the process and end-product variability associated with traditional flours with the added benefit of a simple, consumer-friendly label declaration. These unique ingredients, developed as a result of National Starch Food Innovation?s collaboration with Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients, are suitable for use in frozen and refrigerated foods, soups, sauces and meals.
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salad.jpgSolution set for sauces and dressings
Tate & Lyle?s Rebalance System Satin 50 is a new ingredient solution set for salad dressings, sauces and marinades. An optimized combination of thickeners, texture enhancing ingredients and Splenda, the Rebalance System allows manufacturers to reformulate sauces and dressings to achieve lower calories or reduced fat, or to simply attain a high-quality product with a cold process. The system is supplied as a co-processed mix ready for blending with oil and flavouring ingredients. It provides a functional stabilization system that provides a creamy, smooth mouthfeel without masking flavours and spices. It can be used in a variety of sweet and savory applications; in pourable and spoonable dressings and sauces including emulsified creamy dressings and vinaigrettes; as well as in cold-processed sauces and marinades.
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