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New ingredients

Cooling flavours from Quest International
The Netherlands-based company has developed a range of cooling flavours to provide refreshing effects in foods and drinks, especially in the confectionery and dairy markets. The company says that all flavours in the new ImpaQ Cool range are nature identical and US natural. Quest experts will work with customers to produce innovative twists on classic foods, such as dairy drinks with a crisp, cool sensation; creamy ice cream that retains an added burst of cooling; and chewing gum that holds its cooling effect in the mouth for longer.
+31 35 699 9111

olives.jpgOlive-oil extract
DSM Nutritional Products has globally launched its Hidrox ingredient, made from the juice of organically grown olives by a patent-protected process. The olive juice has a high concentration of polyphenols, mainly hydroxytyrosol, a scientifically well-documented molecule with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Hidrox is well suited for any kind of food product and dietary supplement related to the Mediterranean lifestyle, the company says.
+41 61 688 85 14
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Organic versions of stabilizer blends
Danisco USA has developed a range of 17 stabilizer blends designed to replace its conventional blends in organic formulations. The organic versions are designed for use primarily in organic ice cream and frozen dessert products, and are suitable for use in cultured organic dairy products, such as yoghurts, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, kefir, as well as flavoured milks, soy milks and soy yoghurts. The blends are designed only for the American market, and are certified kosher.
+45 32662000
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Ingredient system for dairy products
A new ingredient system for retail dairy goods by Tate & Lyle is specially formulated for yoghurts, drinkable yoghurts, yoghurt tubes, smoothies and flavoured milks. The solutions are part of the company's ENRICH service, which is focused on three main areas. The digestive-health and immunity platform includes ingredient systems for fat-free or reduced-sugar products that are high in fibre and probiotics, and have high levels of vitamins and minerals associated with digestive health and immunity. The obesity and weight-management platform is designed for products that increase satiety, and are vitamin rich and low fat. The children's-health platform can include products with omega-3s, choline, calcium, fibre and protein.
+1 866 653 6622 (US)
+32 53 73 3651 (EU)

Fish and flaxseed combo
Pizzey's Milling has created a significant new breakthrough ingredient, a finalist for the recent NutrAward presented at Expo West. Trademarked MeadowPure 03 Ultra, it combines stable flaxseed and fish oils to deliver omega-3s from ALA, EPA and DHA, for functional-foods applications. The flaxseed provides ALA, lignans (in amounts 75 to 800 times higher than other plant sources) and soluble fibre, while the fish oil provides EPA and DHA. By carefully deselecting the 'dark' flaxseeds in the milling process, the company found that natural antioxidants increased the stability of the long-chain PUFAs in fish oils, creating a product with no detectable odour or taste, and a one-year shelf life.
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New custom formulations
VDF FutureCeuticals has a new line of dry-blend custom beverage formulations and proprietary beverage ingredients, including ready-to-mix smoothie formulations; green drinks; 100 per cent-soluble antioxidant blends; weight-management and meal-replacement beverages; herbal and conventional tea and coffee applications; and energy and tropical beverages. Smoothie formulations are designed for specific health applications, such as weight management, meal replacement, healthy metabolism, and cardiovascular health. Anti-oxidant blends are designed to provide the approximate anti-oxidant equivalent of an average serving of fruits and vegetables.
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