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Organika Health Products Inc. is a family owned and operated Canadian manufacturer of vitamins and supplements located in Vancouver, BC. For the last 26 years, we have focused on continuing our mission to serve, inspire and contribute to the good health and well-being of people all around the world for generations to come.

June 30, 2017

Organika is a company that has strived to serve, contribute, and inspire pure holistic health through manufacturing natural health supplements for over 27 years. Throughout the years, we have continued to exceed our role of being a world-class innovative health supplement company that helps transform lives naturally.

Here at Organika we make sure we source only the purest raw ingredients for our products in order to maintain a steady and healthy relationship with customers as well as to produce the most effective products on the market. In addition to being a vertically integrated company, we have a team of knowledgeable and professional naturopathic doctors who have continued to aid us throughout our journey. Moreover, the sales team we have provides our partners with efficient and professional service as they incorporate over 20 years of experience within the support they provide. Every step of the way, Organika surpasses expectations as well as goals set upon us in order to do more than satisfy consumers around the world. Furthermore, Organika allocates its support to our partners by introducing our ability to provide webinars, staff training, magazine and brochure advertising to assist growth and sales. We are driven to utilize only the best products for consumers and our dedication to ensure transparency between both parties, which stems from our manufacturing process. Our manufacturing sets us apart as we take special care in testing and processing our products to make sure they are safe for consumption as well as being potent and effective. Organika’s goal to provide truth in a bottle starts from sourcing the raw ingredients all the way up until it is consumed and we make sure the product is tested meticulously to guarantee that what you are consuming is of the highest grade of resources available.

We make sure every staff member is provided with regular training to assure they follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) while operating our state-of-the-art equipment. Before each product is released to the consumer, Organika conducts tests by a third party lab and adheres to all parameters set by Health Canada. Our product labels are periodically updated to reflect changing information and Health Canada requirements to further ensure efficacy and safety. In order to make every single product we produce is organic, sustainable, and safe for consumption, we ensure that our facility is certified organic to eliminate any cross contamination. Moreover, our staff and purchasers have personally audited and inspected raw materials from the regions we source from so that we personally know what it is we are processing for consumers.  In order to accomplish our mission of being the most trusted Organic Foods, Vitamin and Dietary Supplement brand, we adhere to standards and regulations that Health Canada imposes, which enable us to be ISO9001 and GMP certified. We are a family owned and operated company located in Richmond British Columbia, nearby Vancouver who always aims to produce the best products possible. We internationally provide 27 countries with quality supplements that had continued to aid people in enhancing their health. Taking pride in distributing products that enhances the lives of people naturally is something we take pride in and is what gives each and every employee at Organika joy. Our ability to consistently distribute high quality products to consumers can be accredited to the drive and passion that fuels each and every team member at Organika.

Creating a long lasting relationship with customers is made possible by enhancing people’s health for generations to come. Organika supplies a clean and natural alternative to prescribed drugs and medicine and in turn, aids your body in functioning to the best of its abilities. Organika is not only a business, but a family that takes the utmost care and pride in producing natural and organic health supplements. Setting the bar higher each time we produce a new product is only made possible by having a dedicated and hardworking staff at Organika. Organika loves creating new and innovative products to ensure good health across the globe and we hope you join our family and help us accomplish our mission to serve, inspire and contribute to the good health and well-being of people all around the world for generations to come.


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