Red, Green, Gold: How PlusCBD Oil Is Made

November 30, 2018

These days, everyone is starting to understand that life is about personalized wellness: Everyone has his or her own lifestyle, diet and personal wellness regimen. With that said, many people are turning to hemp CBD supplements in order to find balance, but they are also often lost on where to begin. Because hemp CBD works with each person’s natural body chemistry, everyone utilizes the phytocannabinoids in these products differently. This makes every experience unique to each specific individual’s needs. 

The top-selling hemp CBD brand in the industry, PlusCBD Oil™, has a wide range of delivery systems, concentrations, and different formulas to provide options that can suit any preference. The formulas include Raw, Green (also known as Total Plant Complex) and Gold, and are all color coded on each supplement label. But what is the difference between these hemp CBD oil products? Learn more about hemp CBD extracts in the latest animated video in the PlusCBD Oil™ series. 

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