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Chris Cornyn

President, DINE. The Food and Drink Agency

DINE exclusively focuses on positioning, design, branding and marketing for the food industry. DINE specifically develops strategic and creative programs for food manufactures, restaurant chains and food service companies looking to grow or conquer new markets.

DINE’s engagements include implementing extensive programs for Mrs. Fields Cookies, Wendy’s, Mario Comacho, Columbus Salame, Kettle Pop, Dominex, Green Giant, Foxy Produce and More Than Gourmet.

Chris began his career at Doner Advertising working on the Klondike Ice Cream, Betty Crocker and Yoplait Frozen Yogurt accounts. He continued to become creative director and strategist at a number of agencies before founding DINE. The Food & Drink Agency.

Chris currently serves as a mentor on the Lifetime TV show “Supermarket Superstar” where he advises first time food entrepreneurs on their journey to supermarket shelves.  In addition, Chris is a frequent featured speaker at industry events including the Fancy Food Show, Food Vision and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

DINE was acquired in 2011 by Mattson, the largest independent food and beverage innovation company in the country. Mattson employs over 60 food professionals and has one of the richest environments in the food industry to innovate collaboratively with clients and consumers to create new food products.  Chris continues to run DINE as its President.

Chris’s Recent activity