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In the Aisle: The continued rise of beauty from within

Article-In the Aisle: The continued rise of beauty from within

Julia Vandenoever Photography In the Aisle: The continued rise of beauty from within
Collagen leads the increasingly popular beauty-from-within category, but not all collagen is created equal—nor is it the only effective beauty ingredient.

Beauty may well be skin deep, but skin health can be improved not just from the outside-in with creams, salves and lotions, but from the inside-out through the use of supplements.

As the pandemic drove consumers to take their beauty and wellness rituals home, so too has it inspired them to embrace beauty from within. From acne to sun and pollution exposure to wrinkles and spots associated with aging, physical appearance is a concern attracting ever-younger consumers.

"Beauty-from-within is projected to grow nearly 10% this year, bringing total sales to $1.45 billion," says Claire Morton-Reynolds, senior industry analyst for Nutrition Business Journal. "Collagen is the hottest ingredient in the category, with anticipated growth of 23%."

What more retailers and consumers are waking up to, though, is that not all collagen is created equal. The Verisol ingredient brand, which conducted research on its specific peptide, has demonstrated reduced wrinkles as well as improved skin elasticity, and hair and nail growth. Beyond collagen, other beauty-from-within ingredients to keep your eye on include hyaluronic acid, carotenoids, astaxanthin and ceramides, each taking a different approach to supporting benefits ranging from glowing skin to stronger nails and glossy hair.

Life Extension Daily Skin Defense

Pollution sucks. But not only is it bad for the lungs (and eyes) but it can impose deleterious effects on the body's largest organ—the skin. Particulate matter can penetrate the skin and cause oxidative damage that can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and mottled pigmentation. Enter Zeropollution, a novel plant extract shown to help prevent and repair air pollution damage. The SKU also contains powerhouse ceramides for good measure.
SRP: $24

Solgar Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex

Solgar has just launched a nutricosmetic that nourishes the skin from within featuring a collagen complex that includes hyaluronic acid as well as chondroitin. The complex helps with the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, and helps promote healthy collagen production. It's gluten, wheat and dairy free.
SRP: $22.99 | Booth: 3717 | Virtual Booth

Winged Women's Wellness Glow Up

Founded by a former doyenne of the collagen supplement set, Winged got its start as a CBD company. But this SKU is all of the collagen, none of the cannabis. It also contains biotin and vitamin C for skin and hair health, plus schisandra and snow mushroom for stress.
SRP: $30.00 | Booth: 3212 | Virtual Booth

Youtheory Beauty on the Go

The best collagen uses peptides, or fragments of protein strands. When the body encounters them, it thinks collagen is breaking down—so the body starts producing more collagen. Sneaky! And the best collagen peptides are unique patented collagen strands that have been specifically studied. Among the best in class is the Verisol brand collagen peptides. That's just what Youtheory uses. It's been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and revitalize the hair, skin and nails.
SRP: $20.99 | Booth: 2621 | Virtual Booth

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