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Nordic natural cosmetics market benefits from ethical consumerism

Nordic natural cosmetics market benefits from ethical consumerism
New study predicts sales revenues to climb to EUR 200 million. 

The Nordic market for natural cosmetics is showing healthy growth, with sales doubling between 2008 and 2014. A new study by Organic Monitor predicts sales revenues to climb to EUR 200 million in the coming years.

Denmark has the largest market for natural cosmetics in the Nordic region; natural & organic products comprise 4% of total cosmetic & personal care product sales. The country also has very high market share for organic foods, 7%; the highest in the world. Danish consumers are high spenders on natural & organic products because of ethical and environmental concerns.

Widening availability is also driving market growth. Natural & organic cosmetics are making inroads in department stores, beauty retailers, supermarkets, drugstores and non-retail channels. However, health food shops still have the highest sales share.

Although imported brands are highly established, Nordic brands are showing a rise in market share. The Danish company Urtekram has taken market leadership. It has a strong market position in all country markets partly because of its extensive product range and distribution. It was the first company to launch Cosmos-certified organic cosmetics in the region. It also has products with the Fairtrade and Nordic Swan labels.

Organic Monitor finds green labels are becoming increasingly important in the Nordic region. Consumers are increasingly looking for logos and symbols that represent ethical / environmental attributes. The Nordic Swan is most established for personal care products, recognized by over 90% of consumers.

Ethical labels will be featured in the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe.

Hosted in Paris on 21-23 October, an update will be given on the growing myriad of ethical labeling schemes for cosmetics & personal care products. 

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