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8 reasons your brand should give the gift of content

8 reasons your brand should give the gift of content

The downside of living in a world of information is that we’re also living in a world of misinformation. We grasp for facts in a sea of factoids, crave education but are intolerant of false advertising or misleading claims. We want knowledge—yet we are much more critical of the source.

A growing awareness of broken food systems and flawed business practices has brought about a generation of more demanding, more curious and at times more skeptical consumers. As a result, brands face a major challenge: to earn the trust and loyalty of a much more informed shopper.

Yet, I am convinced that with this challenge comes a major opportunity, one that allows brands doing business the right way—offering healthier alternatives, supporting the planet and the global economy—to support their customers with what can be their most important tool: information.

This infographic shows the power of quality content in developing a loyal customer base. Rather than discounting content that comes from brands, research shows consumers feel more connected to companies that invest in producing well-researched, relevant and engaging content. These brands also have the potential to develop stronger relationships with retailers, who—without brand support—often have to take on the full responsibility of educating customers.

I think these stats are pretty compelling—evidence that brands that think beyond great products to educate on top-of-mind issues, share information via social media and engage in a dialogue rather than just a sale,  will give consumers exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Click here to see a full-sized version of this infographic. 


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