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Blending of gourmet and natural evident at Fancy Foods

The floor was abuzz on the first day of the 2010 Fancy Foods show in New York City. A show that once had a decidedly different feel and offerings from Natural Products Expos now shares some of the same flavor—at least in the new brands pavilion. There, terms like ‘organic’ and ‘gluten free’ are ubiquitous. It makes sense considering the original gourmet foods—like Parmigiano Reggiano, wine and Dijon mustard—have minimal ingredients and often strict manufacturing principles.

Raw Ice Cream Company caught my eye and then my taste buds with its rich dairy-free ‘ice creams’ made with cashews, coconut, cocoa butter and other raw ingredients. The flavors, like mint chip and cinnamon vanilla, popped and the product had the same mouth feel as dairy ice creams.

Q Tonic natural tonic water is worth noting. Made with spring water, agave and quinine, this natural, upscale tonic water is perfectly positioned to take off with the increased growth in natural and organic alcohols like organic vodka. And the natural bitter, quinine, makes it a true ‘tonic’.

Koeze Company’s organic peanut butter made under the brand Sweet Ella was tasty with a unique texture, which is what got my attention. Apparently the crunchy texture is the result of manufacturing with vintage machinery that doesn’t pulverize the nuts, according to the company.

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