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Canada recognizes danger of bisphenol A

A suspected hormone disrupter, bisphenol A is a compound found in many types of consumer plastic. There is currently no regulation regarding its use in the U.S., but Canada is taking steps to declare it a dangerous substance. Here is Healthday's report...

Health Canada is expected to declare bisphenol A a dangerous substance, the Globe and Mail reported Tuesday. It would be the first regulatory body in the world to make that determination and to take steps to control human exposure to the chemical. Bisphenol A is one of the most widely used synthetic chemicals in the world and is found in a wide range of products. Experts are concerned about the use of the hormonally active chemical in food and beverage containers. "Bishphenol A is in every Canadian home. It threatens the health of every Canadian. Moving against it would be a hugely significant victory for public health and the environment," Rick Smith, executive director of the group Environmental Defence, told the Globe and Mail. A declaration by Health Canada that bisphenol A is a possible threat will put pressure on American and European regulators to re-consider the status of the chemical. "If this chemical is listed as toxic (by Health Canada), it will be an internationally significant decision," Smith said.

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