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First carbon-neutral grocery store couldn't come at a better time!

As I read or listen to radio reports about the current UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, I find myself feeling a bit schizophrenic--hopeful to hopeless, angry to joyful and despairing to inspired. So it was heartening to read today about a Tesco store opening in Britain that is the first carbon-neutral grocery store (with the intent of becoming a carbon-neutral business in 2050) in the world. Amid the bickering, the one-ups and false promises of the global summit, the retail world is just doing it.

The store’s heat is powered by a generator that’s fueled by renewable resources like vegetable oil. The toilets use rainwater (as does the carwash). A free bus service provides transportation to the store and back from the town center.

If the UK’s largest grocery chain can make such breakthroughs and commitments, I know the Safeways and Krogers of the United States can do the same. Will they need the government to force them? Time will tell.

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