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The great naturals democracy

Alfalfas - Leftover Salmon

Yeah, so what if I'm a working moderate-income, socially-conscious Boulder hippie. I still think that as a member of the natural products industry I have a responsibility to stand for healthy, natural eating in America and participating in democratic action is the way to do it.

Reading through our twitter account, I see tons of bills being signed, lawsuits being filed, acts being passed, and petitions being distributed. Our community is an active one that truly believes in what they're doing. It's rare. I don't think the paper products industry or furniture industry is as lucky.

These democratic actions are changing me. I'm urging more of my friends to eat organically, I'm speaking out about the dangers of GMOs. I'm being converted and it feels so good.

Some motions that I'm pushing for right now include two recent ones involving the U.S. Department of Agriculture supporting local food systems and pushing the Food and Drug Administration for better labeling in the Nutrition Facts guides on products. To me, if people know where their food comes from and what is in it, eating naturally is a no-brainer.

I may be preaching to the choir, but I urge retailers to speak up to their local representatives about food issues. Here in Boulder, a group of vigilent scientists and industry representatives beat six local farmers in their request to plant GM sugar beets. I know Boulder is especially sensitive to the benefit of organics, but if steps like that one can be taken all over the nation, America can get healthier and happier in their food choices.

P.S. How much do you love that song?

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