How to: fit in fitness

On my last trip to the gym, I realized I hadn’t just burned a few calories. I had also burned nearly two hours (most of which was before and after setting foot in the gym) and probably entirely too much fuel in transport. When weather cooperates, we can easily avoid the gym and get active outide. But as summer comes to an end, your duties have unceremoniously multiplied and that leisurely hike or bike ride seems like less of a possibility, how can we still meet the American Heart Association/American College of Sports Medicine guidelines of at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity--FIVE days a week?

Most experts seem to agree that squeezing in shorter workouts throughout the day gives you many of the same benefits as hitting the gym for longer periods. And every little bit helps. You've probably used some simple approaches for adding exercise to your day, like walking to work or jogging around your neighborhood (these are also better for the environment). Maybe you've even tried chair yoga, which doubles as a mid-day stress buster. But how about "inside-the-lines leg lifts" while your kids are coloring? Or "countertop pushups" while you wait for your food to cook? The other day, I came across this new website,, that confirms that every lull in your day is an opportunity to be healthier (and cooking and fitness are more related than you may think).

Its unique tips for multitasking are tailored to moms—great for back-to-school time. Okay, you may not truly feel comfortable with the "any-chair anywhere squats," but this website is, at the very least, a reminder to stay active year around in any way you can. Also check out lunchtime workouts for more exercises that won't take up two hours of your day.

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