Immigration debate sparks…  new ice cream flavor?

Immigration debate sparks… new ice cream flavor?

What will it take to move the dial on immigration reform? Perhaps we can come together over a pint of ice cream? OK that may be a lofty goal, but the latest flavor from Three Twins will certainly reignite discussion.

The company announced this month on its Facebook page that it will launch a new "Sergio Romo Mexican Chocolate" flavor, inspired by the "I just look illegal" shirt that the Mexican-American pitcher wore during the Giants' World Series victory parade last October, the Huffington Post reports. 

The tagline for the new flavor? It only tastes illegal

I've yet to receive samples (hint, hint), but chocolate and cinnamon could never be wrong. Flavor-factor aside, though, by stocking the latest product, will retailers imply they're also taking a stand on this controversial topic? Getting vocal about GMOs and even fracking makes sense since these issues are at the core of natural retail, but immigration reform? Aye yigh yigh!

Founder Neal Gottlieb elaborated on his decision to launch the flavor on Haighterion.

"The inspiration of course came from the shirt that he wore at the World Series parade, which got a lot of people talking and thinking about immigration policy in the United States. Mexicans and Mexican Americans play such an important role in Major League Baseball and Three Twins Ice Cream that it seemed like a natural fit. While some claim to be offended by the logo and artwork, we think that it is topical, quirky and fun."

I can't say I'm surprised by Gottlieb's ballsy move. After all, this is the same company that brought us the first "certified horsemeat-free" ice cream during the height of the Tesco scandal. "While ice cream has been ‘round since before the horseless carriage galloped the American highway, never before has there been the guarantee that bits of mane won’t end up between your teeth. Today is a new reality. It’s morning in America,” Gottlieb said in a release.  

The tongue-and-cheek announcement called attention to a very real issue within the global food system. Now, as the brand steps further into the political arena, who's with them?  

Are ice cream and politics a good mix?

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