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NBJ Webseminar: U.S. Organics Market Overview 2008: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

These two classic sentences capture the essence of where the organic industry sits, straddling two extremes. It comes down to the fundamentals of business: supply and demand. And while demand continues to outpace every conventional counterpart, with steady double-digit growth in sales numbers for organics, the industry is faced with an extremely tight supply chain. Register today and join the NBJ editorial team and Organic food & beverage industry experts as they present findings from the latest Organic Market Overview issue of Nutrition Business Journal.

NBJ's Organics Market Overview webseminar will be on April 24th at 11am MT/1pm ET. To register, click here:

In this webseminar, NBJ will present sales data on 54 product categories and 6 sales channels. Sales forecasts through 2017, a top organic manufacturer/marketer list and color commentary on the U.S. Organic Food & Beverage market will also be presented.

Topics that the experts will discuss will include:

• Organic farming, supply & distribution issues

• The rise of conventional retailing of organics

• The status of the organic supplements & ingredients

• High growth product categories including:

o Organic cotton & textiles

o Organic chocolate

o Organic wine

o Organic meat

o Organic dairy

o Organic pet care

• Import issues for the U.S. organic market

Click to REGISTER TODAY! For one registration fee of $495, each company may have up to six participants access the presentation. Participants will be provided access to a website for the live presentation.

Nutrition Business Journal is certainly known for its supplement & nutitional ingredient research, but the quality of our organics market research is without parallel. I highly recommend that anyone in or interested in the organic market register and attend this webseminar. The amount of data we present, relative to the cost, will make it an incredible value for all.


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