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The NBJ/Newport Summit 2007 attendee list is impressive

The 10th Annual NBJ/Newport Summit is just 5 weeks away. It takes place on July 18 - 20 at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point/Monarch Beach, CA, and the current attendee list is filled with impressive industry entrepeneurs, investors, thought leaders and CEOs.

The elite networking that The NBJ/Newport Summit affords is truly one of a kind. By allowing CEOs and industry thought leaders to come together and get away from the day-to-day, The NBJ/Newport Summit stimulates the ""strategic conversation"" that every CEO must have to thrive in our competitive marketplace.

10 years ago, I attended the first Newport Summit in Newport, RI. It was a great event in a fast growing industry. Competitors shared cocktails, the seeds of joint ventures were planted and a great time sailing was had by all.

This year, the attendee list once again proves that there's no other place to network in the nutrition industry like The NBJ/Newport Summit.

Those attending, speaking or sponsoring the event include:

Anthony Alamada, President/CEO, IMAGINutrition
Dupuis Angers, President, Dupuis Angers & Associates Inc.
Tim Avila, President, Zsweet
Dennis Ayo, Senior Vice President, MTS Medication Technologies
Elliott Balbert, Executive Chairman, Natrol, Inc.
Justin Banner, VP Corporate Strategy, Xango, LLC
David Barnes, Director, R&D, Standard Process, Inc.
Brad Barnhorn, Chief Executive Officer, Global Nutrifoods
Heather Bellamy, Vice President, Flying Horse Communication
Ryan Benn, CEO, Renaissance Herbs, Inc
Michael Bentley, CEO, Sierra Mountain Minerals Inc.
Debbie Blockinger, Sr. Manager Public Affairs, Xango
Mark Blumenthal, Executive Director, American Botanical Council
Wayne Bos, President, CEO, Natrol, Inc.
Dave Boyd, Director Of Global Operations, Pure Fruit Technologies
Mark Braman, President and CEO, Efficas, Inc.
Thomas Brancato, NAFTA Head of Sales & Marketing, Nutrition, Lonza
Barbara Brueckner, Innovation Manager, Mattson
Ramona Cappello, President & CEO, Corazonas Foods, Inc.
Barry Charnay, VP Marketing & Sales, Bioneutra Inc.
Robert Craven, President, New Organic Ventures
Michael Degennaro, Global Head of Food & Nutrition, Lonza
Paul Dijkstra, Executive Vice-President, Interhealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Elise Donahue, CEO, Airborne
Robert Duggan, MA, Mac, Tai Sophia Institute
Stewart Emery, Co-author Success Built To Last/Founder Belvedere Consultants
Ephi Eyal, President, IFP, Inc.
David Foreman, President, Herbal Phamacist Media
Scott Forsberg, Director of Bioactive Science, A. M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics
Bob Freeze, VP Public Relations, Xango
Marco Galante, Principal, J H Chapman Group LLC
Leslie Gallacher, Dir. New Market Development, Xango
Wayne Geilman, Senior Researcher, Pure Fruit Technologies
Gilbert Gluck, President, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Mike Gold, CEO, Flying Horse Communication
Lisa Goold, President/CEO, Reddrox
Robert Guthrie, VP, CRS Division, KGK Synergize Inc.
Najla Guthrie, President/CEO, KGK Synergize Inc.
Jennifer Haberman, Technical Key Account Manager, Lipid Nutrition
Peter Hafermann, President, Aloecorp, Inc.
Hope Hale, Sr. Marketing Manager, Omegapure
Derek Hall, Vice Chairman And CEO, Econet, Inc.
Jim Hamilton, VP, Human Nutrition & Health, DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Bruce Harvey, Western Regional Manager, DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Melody Harwood, Senior Scientist, CANTOX Health Sciences
Steve Hatchett, President, Cornerstone Research & Development
Peter Hefele, Senior VP Business Development, Vitaquest/Garden State
Dr. Robert Hesslink, Director of Research and Development, Imagenetix
Clyde Higgs, VP, Business Development, North Carolina Research Campus
Jeff Hilton, President/CMO, Integrated Marketing Group
Karen Hilton, IMG
Thomas J. Hoolihan, EVP & General Counsel, Econet, Inc
Elzaphan Hotam, VP Business Development, Enzymotec
Loren Israelsen, CEO, LDI Group, Inc.
Michael Jeffers, Vice President, JLM Chemicals, Inc.
Jim Jordan, Executive VP Operations, Pharmavite Corp
Rick Kaiser, Vice President Sales, Bioriginal Food & Science Corp
Don Kim, President & CEO, Unigen, Inc.
Bob King, CEO, A. M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics
Larry Kolb, President, US Operation, Technical Sourcing International
Jim Krejci, CEO, Lifevantage Company
Rick Kroetsch, Consultant, Alive Publishing Group Inc.
David Lakey, President, Bergstrom Nutrition
Joe Laplaca, Senior Vice President, DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Brad Larson, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Capsugel
Charlene Lee, EVP and General Manager, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Jay Lee, President, Beijing Gingko Group, North America
Rob Leighton, CEO/President, Thompson Brands/Adona
Nicole Lemus, Director of Sales, Century Foods - Hormel
Michael Levin, Md, Founder, Health Business Strategies
Dan Lifton, Maypro
L. Douglas Lioon, President/CEO, Douglas Laboratories/Hvl
Jesse Lopez, President & CEO, Source One Global Partners
Fawn Lopez, Source One Global Partners
David Lough, General Manager, Pillbox Japan
Ian Lucas, Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, ONC
Shaheen Mageed, Director of Marketing, Sabinsa Corp.
David Matteson, Early-Edge Direction
Kathy Mcknight, VP Sales & Marketing, Natural Factors
Julian Mellentin, New Nutrition Business
Ron Millender, VP & General Manager, Capsugel
Bruce Miller, Executive Vice President, Marine Nutriceutical Corp.
Rob Miotke, Pharmachem Technologies
Alex Moffett, CEO, Renaissance Herbs, Inc
Takeo Mogami, Advisor Biochemicals Div, Kikkoman Corporation
Len Monheit, President/CEO, NPIcenter
Thomas Newmark, CO-CEO and President, New Chapter
Corey Norton, Director of Sales, A. M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics
Todd Norton, President, Sabinsa Corporation
Robert Orr, President, ONC
Ajay Patel, President, Verdure Sciences/Geni Herbs
David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, and medical director of the Perlmutter Health Center
Matt Philips, VP Sales and Marketing, BI Nutraceuticals
Jethren Phillips, Chairman, New Organic Ventures
Walter Postelwait, Vice President & General Mgr, Blue Pacific Flavors
Gary Powers, President, Ortho Molecular Products
Al Powers, President, Now Health Group
Bruce Remund, COO/Partner, VMI Nutrition
Jeff Reynolds, CEO/Partner, VMI Nutrition
Kristen Reynolds, Assoc. Director/Marketing and Sales, KGK Synergize Inc.
Karl Riedel, President, Nature's Life
Diana Robinson, Director Of Business Developme, Aisling Capital
Lisa Sabin, VP, Business Development, Consumerlab.Com
Olav Sandnes, President, Marine Nutriceutical Corp.
Roya Sayyah, Technical Sales, Blue Pacific Flavors
Michael Scamarcia, Director Of Sales, Standard Process, Inc
William Sears MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California Irvine, School of Medicine
Tracey Seipel, Research Director, Biologic Health Solutions Pty Ltd
Behnam Shojaee, President, Froid
Suzy Short, VP Marketing, Zsweet
Gary Spirer, Ask Destiny® Healthcare
Amanda Steele, Dreamers Brand New Brands
Pietro Stefanutti, Pharmachem Technologies
Scott Steinford, VP, Sales, Embria Health Sciences
Amy Summers, Pitch Publicity
Hy Sung, President And CFO, Econet, Inc.
Keyvan Taheri, CEO, Wellements, LLCLC
David Thibodeau, Managing Director, Canaccord Adams
Jim Thornton, CEO, Botanical Laboratories, Inc
Thomas Tolworthy, CEO, The Vitmain Shoppe
Larry Tree, President/CEO, Weil Lifestyle, LLC
Jay Udani, CEO, Medicus Research LLC
Peter Van Stolk, Founder and CEO Jones Soda Co.
Richard Weis, VP-Business Development, Omegapure
Robert Whitelaw, Director of Sales/Marketing, Capsugel
Donald Wilkes, President/CEO, Blue Pacific Flavors
Greg Williford, VP Client Services, Vitatech International, Inc
Roger Wyse, Managing Director, Burrill & Company
Steve Yamada, President/CEO, Maypro Industries, LLC
Anthonly Zolezzi, CEO - Co-Founder, Pet Promise, Inc.
Preston Zoller, Dir. of Business Development, Inverness Medical Nutritionals Group

Hopefully, I'll see you in Dana Point in July.

All the best,

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