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Nutrition Capital Network VC Investor/Startup Conference

I started my career in the nutrition industry as a financial analyst with Health Business Partners (HBP) ten years ago in 1998. I'm not sure there could've been a worse analyst to hire, but I think I did a good job pulling the wool over on the HBP guys at the time. Anyway, at the time (1998), the industry was booming, VC money was readily available and we were looking at 5-6 investment opportunties a week.

10 years later, VC interest in the nutrition industry is back. Interest in organic, personal care, pet care and the underlying technologies behind the nutritional ingredients category spurred the creation of the Nutrition Capital Network, an investor/entrepeneur forum founded by the founders of Nutrition Business Journal - Grant Ferrier & Thomas Aarts.

If you are an investor interested in the nutrition industry, I encourage you to consider attending to the Nutrition Capital Network meeting in New York April 17.

I know NCN's screening committee has come up with some interesting deal flow for the event

and last October's meeting was also good for networking with both other investors and the entrepreneurs.

Last week, I was able to get a preview of the deals that will be presented in more detail at the New York event. Here it is:

-$60-million assemblable meal franchise in 200 locations

-$30-million functional beverage company

-$20-million organic convenience foods retailer

-$10-million patented medical foods company

-$10-million organic fiber products company

-$2-5 million topical pain relief company

-$2-5 million supplier of specialty ingredients for organic foods

-$2-5 million leader in natural hemp foods

-$1-2 million proprietary anti-inflammatory supplement

-$1-2 million patented medical foods company

-$1-2 million natural oral care company

-$1-2 million frozen natural pasta company

-$1-2 million natural household cleaner with patented refill system

-Proprietary probiotic ingredients for food and animal feed

-Proprietary nanotech supply process for functional food

-Patent-pending biopesticides and organic weed control

-Proprietary process for mineral suspension for cosmetic and functional food ingredients

-Product and proprietary process in frozen convenience treats

-Data and support service to allow 'carbon neutral' or other claims on products

-RTD/powdered tea-based sports & energy drink

-Unique dissolvable tablets for hyrdation beverages

Again, I hope to see you there.


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