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Tips for saving energy

These easy tips will save energy and cut down your carbon footprint.

1. Use This Google-powered search engine has a mostly black screen, which doesn't use as much power to light. The creators argue that Blackle saves major energy because of the super-high volume of users who perform Google searches. Check out Blackle's tips for energy conservation here.

2. Turn off your computer: It is a myth that turning your PC off uses more energy than leaving it on. The small surge of power that a computer takes to turn on is still much less than the amount you use if you keep the machine on for hours. That said, to use no power at all, you have to unplug your computer from the power source. Otherwise, it will use "flea power," or about 2.3 watts to maintain network connectivity.

3. Sign up for Ideal Bite: Get on Ideal Bite's list and receive daily tips for how to live greener. I do this and have learned some terrific ways to reduce my environmental impact. Plus, you won't get a bunch of spam -- just one usable list of ideas each day. If you'd rather not receive the emails, check out Ideal Bite's archive of past tips.

4. Stop eating carbon: According to Eat Low Carbon, a website where you can find out the carbon emissions of your meal, the food system is responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse emissions. This tool is a fun way to find out your favorite foods' impact. It's also a great procrastination technique.

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