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Why we support GMO transparency

Why we support GMO transparency

The other day, a respected colleague and I were leisurely heading down a rabbit hole of natural products talk—vitamin E sourcing, the emerging CBD industry, GMOs, special diets, green chemistry—only to arrive at what we didn’t even know was our destination. 

A fundamental philosophical question: Would you rather have lots of knowledge or lots of respect?

Knowledge without values is dangerous, he responded.

I was instantly struck by the raw accuracy of his statement. No words could better describe our goals at New Hope Natural Media: To bring more health to more people through knowledge and healthier products and to foster conscious capitalism, a topic that was the focus of our Natural Products Expo East education program. Yes, information is critical to doing good business; but values are what earn loyalty, trust and therefore respect. Values can turn one choice into a complete lifestyle. 

This month, I’m proud to announce our latest content program, rooted in a value that's critical to our industry: transparency. The growing non-GMO movement represents the cumulative passion of brands and consumers, retailers and non-profits. And understanding the issues associated with GMOs—regardless of where you stand on them—allows your business to authentically connect with customers and honestly answer their questions.

About our October Non-GMO Month content program 

To put this program together, our content team worked tirelessly to curate the most current, relevant information about the non-GMO industry. This includes legislative updates, ingredient and health information, retailer tips and more. A special thanks to our non-GMO expert Delicious Living Managing Editor Jenna Blumenfeld and designer Katie Dove, who brought the story and content to life in this interactive digital guide

We’ve also teamed up with some of the most informed experts in the field, including our webinar presenters Mary Mulry, the Non-GMO Project's Megan Westgate and Mark Squire of Good Earth Natural Foods.

Our six sponsors, which include food brands, supplement companies and ingredient suppliers, are evidence that transparency is key to any business model and is truly is a way to differentiate your company, regardless of where you enter the supply chain.

What can you do? 

This month I ask one thing of you.

Join us in this important conversation. To me, GMO transparency is one very important step in defining the future of the food, supplements, and even beauty industries. We have a right to know what’s in the products we purchase daily. From there, it’s our decision to make.

Whether you’re a bona fide non-GMO expert, a vocal activist or just want to learn more about the issues so that you can make the decision that’s right for your customers, together let’s become rich in GMO knowledge—and measure its worth in values. 









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