News & Analysis September 2013: Wisdom Watch


SUGAR LOVE – Since Columbus planted the first sugarcane in Hispaniola in 1493, we’ve managed to go from consuming a teaspoon per day to ingesting more than 22 teaspoons each day. It turns out that sugar may be the major culprit for just about everything that ails us. A not so sweet love story…

MICROBIOME – There are 10 resident microbes for every human cell in our body that represent more than 400 bacterial species.  Disruption or eradication of the tiny bugs that live within us has larger implications for human health. CW: Eat some dirt.

SHRIMP – 90 percent of the shrimp we eat is imported, but less than two percent of that is inspected by U.S. regulatory agencies. Imported shrimp, more than any other seafood, is contaminated with banned chemicals and pesticides. Maybe EMS is a shrimp’s way of saying, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”.

EMF – TV and cell phone broadcast frequencies are creating massive ionic polarities and driving an abundance of abnormal cell growth in our bodies. There is so much of this energy around us that if we could find a way to harness it, we could power the planet for 10 years.

SCHMEAT – Cultured beef is the culinary product of stem cells harvested from a cow’s shoulder and laboratory-nurtured into strips of muscle and hailed as the potential solution to the legacy of the demand for cheap meat. CW: Hamburger today, body parts tomorrow.

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