Whole Foods' GMO labeling timeline slammed

Whole Foods' GMO labeling timeline slammed

Food Democracy Now! says shoppers should not have to wait five years for GMO labeling rules to take effect.

It’s great that Whole Foods has finally agreed to stop selling unlabeled genetically engineered foods in their stores, but Americans need labeling of GMO foods today, not five years down the road,” said Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!.

“While this is a step in the right direction, Whole Foods’ customers shouldn’t have to wait another half decade to get common sense labeling of genetically engineered ingredients in their products that they sell unlabeled every day.”

“But Whole Foods has received widespread criticism for being slow to come to the table on numerous GMO labeling efforts in the U.S. Had they supported Prop 37 sooner, Americans may have labeling right now,” said Murphy, who served as the co-chair of Prop 37 in California this past fall.

“There are GMO labeling efforts in more than 20 states across the U.S. at the moment, including Washington state, which Whole Foods has claimed to support for I-522, another ballot initiative to label GMOs,” he said. “Whole Foods needs to put their money where their mouth is. It’s time for companies to stop promoting their efforts through press releases and get in the game politically.”



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