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In Session

Biodynamic wheat could change the way we break bread

In Session Impact of Biodynamic EB16
A farmer growing biodynamic wheat for 30 years meets an artisanal baker looking for optimal source material, and the result is not just a better loaf of bread but a whole different way of viewing humanity's relationship to natural resources.

"We have to shift from maximum efficiency for short-term economic return to resilient, regenerative production based in relationships."

—Fred Kirschenmann, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

Part 1: The need for biodynamic


  • A brief history of industrial agriculture and the development of biodynamic methods.
  • Fred Kirschenmann discusses the growing market demand and need for biodynamic agriculture.

Part 2: 'The loaf of bread starts in the soil'


  • Bellegrade Bakery's Graison Gill explains the value of biodynamic wheat in creating his artisanal breads. 
  • Why wheat itself may not be the culprit in the case of gluten sensitivity.

This session—Tracking the Impact of Biodynamic and Breaking Bread with Graison Gill—was recorded at Esca Bona 2016.


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