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In Session

Campbell CEO Denise Morrison returns to the heart of the mission to propel company forward

Denise Morrison CEO Campbells
How does a business plan for the future in this interdependent world where change is happening exponentially? In this In Session video recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017, Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell, provides strategic foresight that can help companies big and small get a jump-start.

Part 1: Defining the future through foresight


  • Four promising growth platforms that will provide immense opportunity.  
  • How e-commerce is already transforming the food industry.
  • The line between snacks and meals is blurring. How the snacks of tomorrow will be more purposeful and functional. 


Part 2: The age of transparency and personalization 


  • Biometric testing and personalized nutrition are leading us away from "one-size fits all" diets. 
  • Morrison explores the idea of "limitless local" and how the future will continue to foster narratives around quality, community and origin.


Part 3: An in-depth conversation with Carlotta Mast 


  • How great leadership and a deep reflection of their original mission is galvanizing Campbell.
  • What does transparency mean and why is it important for building consumer trust?


Part 4: Big and small companies can learn and grow together 

  • How natural and organic products can be made more accessible to all consumers.
  • What are the key things that Campbell looks for when investing in start-ups?
  • Ways to mentor the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders.

 This session—Friday Keynote: Denise Morrison—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. Click download below to access the slides.  


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