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Natural Products Expo

Don't make these rookie mistakes at Expo West

Natural Products Expo West rookie mistakes
The natural products community shares tips and mistakes to avoid at Natural Products Expo West.

There are plenty of events in life that could trigger some, “If only I’d known …” realizations. Sociology degrees, first marriages and that shirt you wore for your freshman yearbook photo come to mind. But Natural Products Expo West presents a different kind of regret—one you can correct six months later at Expo East.

With that in mind, we used Facebook to ask the natural products community to give us their “rookie mistakes” they wished they'd avoided.

"Double check that you packed your business cards, and don’t forget to spring forward on Saturday night.”


"Avoid scheduling meetings back to back, as though that is humanly possible, and check where booths are in your schedule planning, or you could be half a mile away from your next meeting all day.”


"When you go out for dinner, forget Uber! It takes them forever to get there and last year at peak time they were six times normal price."


“Just two of many things that are bad signals to passing attendees: exhibitors eating or drinking a beverage in the booth during expo hours, and men standing with hands crossed or in front like a secret service agent.”


“Budget at least 30 minutes standing in line time for your morning cup of coffee before the show starts.”


"Nobody parties like us natural food peeps. Be smart and partake with caution.”


"Use an iPad or old-school notebook and stapler to capture notes and not just a random [business] card. You will not remember who it was in reference to or who you need to pass the information along to."


"Don't have a black or glossy card. You can't write or see the notes written on the card which could equal lost opportunities. Treat each prospect equally … you don't know who you're talking with just by their badge and sizing them up. They may open up doors and opportunities you seek.”


“Make those dinner reservations like right now. And don’t stay up past midnight. Nobody wants to see your pumpkin face the next day.”


“Pack carefully. One time I brought a non-matching pair of shoes.”


“Plan one day on the beginning or end of the trip to actually go have fun and be ready to work your tail off."



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