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Michelle Poler Hello Fears

If this woman can face 100 fears, you can take on your next business challenge

Instead of seeing fear as an obstacle, Hello Fear's Michelle Poler introduces fear as an opportunity that could lead to the "next big thing."

"What would happen if we started embracing the unknown and making it part of our daily life and our decisions?"

—Michelle Poler, Hello Fears

Part 1: 100 fears, 100 days 


  • There is no such thing as being fearless. 
  • Poler talks about taking on the challenge of facing 100 fears in 100 days.


Part 2: Safety and growth 


  • Why not surprise your consumers and break the routine? 
  • Defining two essential needs and the innate struggle between them. 


Part 3: Embracing fear


  • Tips on how to challenge your fear and risk-based thinking.  


This session—Retail Summit: Hello Fears—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. 

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