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Mission possible: Investment for good

Article-Mission possible: Investment for good

In this Natural Products Expo East 2018 conversation Lily's Sweets CEO Jane Miller interviews Kuli Kuli CEO and Founder Lisa Curtis, who candidly shares why she was inspired to build a company around an ingredient most people hadn’t even heard of, and how she honed her investment chops through varied—and very successful—funding strategies.

“Once we’ve gotten them [investors] to the place where, ‘Oh, this feels like a credible business opportunity,’ then we tell them, ‘And the best part about it is, every product we sell helps to improve nutrition and livelihoods around the world, and that’s why this company exists. And if you help us grow, we’re going to be able to do even more of that.’

— Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

Part 1: Laying the groundwork, along the funding journey


  • We’re the first company to pioneer moringa (a green superfood) in the U.S.; now sold in 7,000 stores nationwide.
  • It took a while to convince investors and others that this was a real thing.
  • We’ve done pretty much everything out there as far as investing options.
  • We found our lead investor in tech, not the food space.
  • Baby steps: what can I do with the money I have?

Part 2: Q&A


  • Where on the moringa wave are you?
  • Certifications on raw materials: challenges for organic and fair trade in Africa.

This session—The Funding Forum: Growing a Healthy Brand - Mission Possible: Investment for Good—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2018.


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