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Natural Products Expo

Podcast: Retail experts share how brands can attract attention at Expo East

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Experts from Turnip Truck, Kimberton Whole Foods and Vilore Foods share top tips for exhibitors

When it comes to Natural Products Expo East, the biggest question on every exhibiting brand’s mind is: How can we stand out among a sea of new products? The formula is a combination of art and science, requiring preparation, research and authenticity. In this podcast, retail pros share advice for getting noticed at Expo East in Philadelphia, from tips for pre- and post-show outreach to effective brand storytelling. Check out this conversation between New Hope Network Vice President of Content Jessica Rubino and The Turnip Truck's Jasmine Rosil, Edgar Vargas of Vilore Foods and Kimberton Whole Foods' Robin Brett for actionable takeaways about how to leave a lasting impression with buyers (and what not to do on the tradeshow floor!).  

Retail buyers share how brands can attract attention at Expo East


Plan your brand's Expo strategy

Consider these questions as you and your staff prepare for a productive Natural Products Expo East: 

  • Are you conducting pre-show outreach via Natural Products Expo Virtual or LinkedIn? 
  • Do your booth and marketing collateral effectively call out your company's differentiators? 
  • Is trash talking competitors part of your strategy (psst, it shouldn't be!)? 
  • Have you planned out your on-site schedule, allowing time for serendipitous moments? 
  • Have you learned from past Expo mistakes? 
  • What is your follow-up communication plan? 
  • Do the people staffing your booth know all your company details? 
  • Can you quantify your company's positive impact? 
  • Are you prepared to be fully transparent about sourcing, manufacturing processes and more? 


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