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In Session Conscious Leadership Tips

This 'recovering perfectionist' learned how to convert stress into creativity

VDA Coaching's Valerie D'Ambrosio targets the touchy subject of negativity and how to shift out of a state of judgment, blame and overwhelm, and into a state of creativity and enthusiasm.

"I existed for a solid 20 years of my life as an entrepreneur, overworking and over-doing... it really started to affect my health... I had to learn how to slow down and I had to learn how to create space. 

—Valerie D'Ambrosio, VDA Coaching

Part 1: The story of a "recovering perfectionist"


  • Why trying to make every area of your life perfect is not sustainable. 
  • Recognizing "above the line" and "below the line" energy.

Part 2: Create space


  • Why people spend 98 percent of the time in a state of judgement, blame, stress and overwhelm. 
  • Key methods to shifting from stress and overwhelm to creativity and joy.  

Part 3: Appreciating the skeptic


  • How to appreciate the pessimist, and why this could completely transform your team.
  • How to approach toxic negativity and discern when to say "no."

Part 4: Make the shift 


  • One simple and effective practice of every great conscious leader.  
  • The most effective method for shifting yourself out of being a "victim of life."

Part 5: Overcome limiting beliefs


  • The three blocks that are useful to recognize when we are getting in our own way.

This session—Conscious Leadership: Tips & Tools for Designing a Thriving Life—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2016. 


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