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Why influencers are essential for brands to drive customer engagement

Yin Yang of Communication
How does a brand gain a following, build a tribe and develop a unique personality? This session at Natural Products Expo West 2017 explores the potential of what can happen when brands align with the right influencers and bloggers.

"The influencers believe very strongly in changing the supermarket and making everybody healthier. It's just about working together, collaborating and figuring out how to grow together."

–Leah Segedie, Mamavation 

Part 1: Everybody is a potential customer


  • Press vs. influencers: what's the difference? 
  • How influencers can become your brand's evangelist 


Part 2: Approaches to working with influencers


  • Using sponsored posts, seeding programs and online parties to drive engagement. 
  • Build a following by revealing the real people "behind the brand." 


Part 3: More approaches using social media 


  • Strategies for using social media campaigns, meet-ups, ad space and book tours to gain followers.
  • Partnering with other brands to create lifestyle-focused content. 


Part 4: Where and how to connect with influencers


  • Methods for finding the right blogger or influencer. 
  • The dos and don'ts of working with PR firms.
  • Why understanding influencer culture is important for promoting a positive brand image.


Part 5: Final thoughts, questions and answers 


  • How do blog posts and social media campaigns translate directly into sales? 
  • Figuring out niche markets and how to find the best, most cost-effective influencers. 


This session—From Traditional to Social Media, Mastering the Yin and Yang of Communicating and Working with Influencers—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. Click download below to access the presentation slides. 


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