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SourceOne secures distribution for GymnePure

SourceOne secures distribution for GymnePure
SourceOne now has exclusive global distribution rights for Santal Solutions' patented Gymnema sylvestre extract.

SourceOne® Global Partners has announced it has reached an agreement with Santal Solutions, Appleton, Wis., wherein SourceOne is awarded exclusive global distribution rights for Santal's signature blood sugar health compound, GymnePure, its patented Gymnema sylvestre extract.

Arun K. Chatterji, PhD, founder, chairman and CEO of Santal Solutions, points out the distinction of GymnePure over other extracts. "GymnePure has been shown to support blood sugar health at a much lower dosage level than standard Gymnema sylvestre extracts,” he said.

Chatterji added that because of GymnePure's superiority, Santal Solutions needed a partner that could ensure brisk sales and marketing development: "We are delighted to reach this agreement with SourceOne as it is recognized as a leader in delivering innovative science-based solutions," he explained.

Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne, commented, “This agreement with Santal Solutions and GymnePure ensures we continue to add to our robust IP portfolio with health condition-specific products for the most pressing consumer health concerns. Strategically, GymnePure is a distinguished addition to our line of heart health ingredients and formulations either as a stand-alone product or in combination with patented Cholesstrinol™ HPe, or one of our many VESIsorb® formulations. "  

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