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Natural colors: safe supply chain?

Natural colors: safe supply chain?
How can natural food coloring suppliers reduce risk? Watch DDW's short video to find out.

How can natural food colouring suppliers reduce risk in the global supply chain? DDW “The Colour House” (D.D. Williamson) has released a short video, part of DDW’s “Expert Answers” video series, featuring an exclusive interview on the subject with Grafton Chimanikire, vice president of manufacturing.

“What differentiates [excellent] colour suppliers is the way they source their raw materials and the quality program they have in place to produce their products,” observes Chimanikire in the video.Natural colour ingredient suppliers “achieve full safety” by putting GFSI into action and “auditing their [own] suppliers,” adds Chimanikire. Operating in a safe environment and implementing high standards for food quality and food safety are important to reducing risk for suppliers, he notes.

Click here to watch the full two-minute interview with Chimanikire, during which he discusses food ingredient quality, food safety, minimizing risk in the supply chain and meeting customer demands.

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recently certified DDW’s natural colouring manufacturing site located in Port Washington, Wis., USA. GFSI is a non-profit benchmarking organization that seeks to continuously improve food production and manufacturing systems to ensure the global supply chain is safe for consumers. GFSI is widely considered to be the “gold standard” for international food safety. DDW is honored that all of the company’s manufacturing facilities have now received this prestigious food quality certification.

Upon receiving the GFSI certification earlier this year, DDW’s director of global quality, Greg Kreder, said, “We are proud to say that all DDW sites have achieved GFSI certification to provide our customers with confidence and security.”

Since 2011, DW’s Expert Answers video series has provided brief, exclusive video interviews with industry experts both inside and outside DDW. To get answers to common food and beverage colouring questions, watch the full video series at the official YouTube page:



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