Natural Foods Merchandiser

Top tips to merchandise wine

Want to know how to maximize sales for organic and biodynamic wines in your store? Check out these top tips from wine industry experts.

1 | Distinguish organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines by placing them in a special section with easy-to-see signage.

2 | Feature organic, sustainable and biodynamic wine prominently in the store. If customers see the wine, they’ll be more likely to ask questions, become educated and make informed purchases.

3 | Work with the distributor to hold in-store tastings and education sessions with customers. Organic wines can compete with conventional wines, and taste testing will help customers realize organic can be just as good.

4 | Customers might be confused about sulfites, which are added and naturally occurring preservatives that can be allergens for some people. Organic standards do allow sulfites. Create education material for customers to take with them, and label wines low in sulfites or free of added sulfites to make shopping easier.


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