Sustainable buzzwords seem to be everywhere. But what does it truly mean to be sustainable?

April 11, 2022


Date: Apr 7, 2022

From “certified organic” and “non-GMO” goods to cage free poultry and fair trade produce, there’s no shortage of sustainability buzzwords in today’s grocery stores. But what does “sustainable” really mean when it comes to these products, and what do people care about the most?

Join Melissa Dunn, SVP of Marketing at Suzy, and Eric Pierce, VP of Business Insights at New Hope Network, for an in-depth webinar on Wednesday 4/27 at 2 PM EDT. 

Together we’ll reveal what really matters to consumers when it comes to sustainable goods, unpack what they want and expect from these brands, and explore what they think about the latest trends in this fast-growing space.

Melissa Dunn (1).jpeg
Melissa Dunn
SVP of Marketing, Suzy

Pierce, Eric (1).jpeg
Eric Pierce
VP of Business Insights, New Hope Network

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