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The future of snacking – webinarThe future of snacking – webinar

Join Suzy and New Hope Network for this webinar on the evolution of snacking during the pandemic and into the future.

March 26, 2021


Date: Mar 26, 2021

Americans love snacks. One 2019 study by Food Insights Org found that 97% of people report snacking weekly. Snacking can be healthy or indulgent, hunger-induced or mindless. The snacks people buy at a bodegas in New York are different from the snacks Floridians prefer. College “snacks” don’t mean the same thing as kindergarten snacks. And don’t even get us started on office snacks vs. at-home snacks.

Join Suzy’s President Avi Savar and New Hope Network’s VP of Business Insights Eric Pierce for a webinar devoted to the future of snacking. Grab a snack and listen in as we unpack the category, the behavior, and the emotion that the micro-food evokes.

In this webinar, the speakers will,

  • Explore the history of snacking

  • Discuss the snacking habits of different demographics and the reasons behind them

  • How snacking will evolve into the future

Avi Savar headshot_1.png
Avi Savar
President, Suzy

Pierce, Eric (1).jpg

Eric Pierce
VP of Business Insights, New Hope Network

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