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Unboxed: 4 new refined sugar-free natural productsUnboxed: 4 new refined sugar-free natural products

Diets such as keto and paleo, in addition to the surmounting evidence regarding excess sugar's negative effects on the body, have led to a surge in sugar-free product formulations. Here are four recent releases from established and emerging brands alike that paleo, keto and generally low-glycemic consumers will love.

Kira Hunter

May 28, 2019

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Refined sugar's vilification has led to myriad innovations in the sweet treats category. Some companies have incorporated low glycemic food-based sweeteners that pack less of a punch (such as coconut sugar), while others are dipping their toe into the zero calorie arena (think stevia, monkfruit and erythritol). And then there are those companies that forgo the sweetness altogether in favor of new flavors and formats within their respective categories, in the way that flavored sparkling water brands have upended the soda industry.

What's clear is that the movement toward no and low-sugar alternatives isn't slowing down, and consumers' increased ability to purchase these products could have an outsize impact on the surging obesity epidemic. And it isn't all natural brands, either–no- and low-sugar versions of mainstream products are hitting retail shelves at an increased rate. Check out these four standout products that are emblematic of the cultural move away from Big Sugar.

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Kira Hunter

Content Producer and Personal Care Editor, New Hope Network

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