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Natural Products Expo

Why record-breaking singer-songwriter Katy Perry invested in this 100-year old natural brand

Why was Katy Perry at Natural Products Expo East 2019? Hear why the pop star believes in the future of a century-old natural food company, as well as her advice to the industry.

Patricia Bragg, the 90-year-old matriarch and 65-year CEO behind the well-known Bragg apple cider vinegar brand bought Katy Perry her very first guitar. Little did Patricia know that many years later, Katy would go on to have a successful music and media career, and that the singer-songwriter would pay it back by becoming a part investor in the Bragg Live Foods brand.

Katy’s family (her real last name is Hudson) and the Bragg family grew up going to the same church in Santa Barbara, California where Katy’s parents were pastors. After reading Patricia’s wellness book on fasting, Katy’s mom Mary became a devoted Bragg’s fan, giving Katy little glasses of apple cider vinegar to help maintain healthy vocal cords and digestion. The two families hit it off, and have been closely connected over the years.

So close was that connection that in late June 2019 Katy and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, acquired the legendary ACV brand along with three other investors. As the first female artist to produce an album with five #1 songs in the U.S. (and second only to Michael Jackson's album Bad) and as a judge on American Idol, Katy knows how to spot a winner. Both Patricia and Katy believe her star power can help extend the 106-year-old wellness brand into new households. Some of Katy's favorite Bragg products are the Nutritional Yeast Seasoning and the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink blends.

Watch our interview with Katy, taped at Natural Products Expo East 2019, to learn more about why she believes her involvement with the company can help Bragg products reach even more people, how she uses apple cider vinegar herself, and her take on some of the top natural product trends of the year.

Correction: Oct 04, 2019
A previous version incorrectly stated that Katy Perry bought Bragg Live Foods brand. Perry is a part investor.
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