Nancy Gentry reveals the mission behind her nutrition blog, Love Laugh Veggies

Nancy Gentry reveals the mission behind her nutrition blog, Love Laugh Veggies

When her husband was diagnosed with a fatal and malignant brain tumor, holistic health coach Nancy Gentry embraced a plant-based, anti-inflammatory, entirely unprocessed diet for her family, and paired it with a variety of alternative therapies including mindfulness, love and laughter.

Newhope360: Tell us about the reasons for starting your blog, Love Laugh Veggies?

Nancy GentryNancy Gentry: We started our blog because we wanted to share all the many lessons (especially nutritional) that we have learned since my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We want to encourage people to change their life NOW and prevent illness from happening.  We believe that prevention is everything, and entirely possible. We hope to motivate people to be healthy NOW, eat well NOW, take care of their bodies, minds and spirits NOW, make choices on what they need in their life and what they don't need NOW, laugh more, love more and EAT their veggies NOW. There is so much that we all can do to take better care of ourselves before dis-ease strikes and we want to motivate people not to wait. Our message: Don't wait for a life threatening illness to change your life.

Newhope360: What’s the essence of the message you hope to convey at NPA Marketplace in June?

NG: My main message is about diet.  There are so many food choices that can greatly impact your health. Why not choose them? Why not choose foods that can prevent inflammation, one of the biggest causes of illness, especially cancer and auto-immune diseases? Choose foods that will give you more energy, boost your immune system and improve your health all around. I want people to walk away motivated and committed to making three significant life changes that will better their lives. 

Newhope360: You make healthy and balanced living seem simple. Are there any parts of your holistic practices that are a challenge for you or your family?

NG: Balance is a constant practice. It's something we ALL have to juggle daily. We struggle with this too, just like any other person. It takes discipline and we have to make conscious choices every day. Some days are super successful, others not. But it's the overall outcome that we strive for a stress free life, balanced in diet, exercise, rest, work, play, family, love, laughter, spirituality and growth.

Don’t miss Nancy’s inspiring session at the NPA Marketplace Show on June 15th from 3:15-4:15pm at the Sands Convention Center in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. Visit for more information.

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