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5@5: Big Ag's conflict over cell-based meat regulation | Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in US5@5: Big Ag's conflict over cell-based meat regulation | Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in US

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June 14, 2019

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You can’t have your meat and eat it too: “Big Ag’s” conflicting positions about regulating new food technologies

While plant-based meat has become increasingly disruptive, “Big Ag” industry organizations are heavily focused on the rules and regulations surrounding cell-based meat products. Though they aren’t at market yet, the agency that will eventually regulate them in addition to whether or not they will be allowed to use the word “meat” on their labels is being hotly contested by all parties involved. Read more at Verdict …

Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in US—again

A wheat strain showing signs of glyphosate resistance “was found growing wild in the northwestern United States for the fourth time since 2013.” The USDA has thus far not approved the growth of genetically modified wheat, and prior cases of GM wheat detection have never been traced to a particular source. Read more at Indiana Public Media …

6 reasons investors should be leery of Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s stock lost a quarter of its value in one day, causing investors to note that it may have been overvalued. Among other things, Beyond Meat is facing more and more competition in the plant-based meat alternative space, including some companies “with substantially deeper pockets and more marketing muscle." Read more at The Motley Fool …

How almonds went from deadly to delicious

Wild almonds have historically been both bitter and deadly, but somewhere along the way healthful sweet almonds mutated into existence. New research concerning the cultivation of this mutation is now being put to use helping plant breeders raise almonds—a notoriously resource-intensive venture—more sustainably and efficiently. Read more at NPR …

In California, farm workers have a right to shade

California is one of just four states nationwide that enforces specific heat illness rules for farmworkers. Too often, according to the United Farm Workers, employers in the state had taken advantage of the vague regulations surrounding the proximity of water and shade for workers. For instance, in place of sufficient water and shade, one farm “offered a small beach umbrella, dangling over a water cooler." Read more at New Food Economy …

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