5@5: Millennials drive supply chain shifts | Is M&A replacing R&D in the food industry?

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November 15, 2016

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5@5: Millennials drive supply chain shifts | Is M&A replacing R&D in the food industry?

Beyond kimchi and kale: How millennial 'foodies' are challenging the supply chain from farm to table

It's no longer just a retailer's responsibility to sell better-for-you foods and a chef's job to create a trendy menu; millennials are driving a new food and agriculture economy that requires even ingredient suppliers and farmers to rethink what they've been doing. Crafty entrepreneurs, faced with an organic supply chain that doesn't meet demand, are creating new sourcing models—like working directly with farmers or vertically integrating. Read more at Forbes...


We are on the verge of a consumer M&A avalanche

Big food companies struggle to sell products to a new generation of conscious shoppers, many of whom actively seek out authentic brands and products on their own. With these companies spending less than 2 percent of revenue on research and development (versus 10-plus percent in other industries like tech), their path to innovation has focused more on acquisition and investment. Is this the right approach? Read more at Tech Crunch...


Organic farmers fight USDA to defend their turf

As hydroponic farming has simultaneously become more trendy and lucrative, some growers are seeking USDA organic certification. While a USDA task force evaluates the merit of crops grown without soil as being "organic," a group of organic advocates are putting up a fight. Read more at Boston Globe...


Food and restaurant industry split about Donald Trump presidency

The restaurant industry's lobbying group expects the president elect to lift certain regulations that have stifled growth, but packaged food and beverage companies are worried about potential trade restrictions. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...


Meet the Pukka Herbs founders who are actually 'selling tea to China'

Pukka Herbs started when cofounder Tim Westfall put an ad in a local magazine looking for anyone interest in herbalism. He got one response, from cofounder Sebastian Pole. Read more at Bristol Post...

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