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January 12, 2018

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5@5: What chefs are adding to (and taking off) their menus | Grocery Outlet plans 25 new stores

The foods we’ll eat—and shun—this year

Chefs and restaurants are often where new food trends start, before they make their way into packaged food products. So how are chefs innovating on their menus this year? With seasoned raw fish, duck meats, carrots, squash and Asian-inspired flavors. Meanwhile, some are booting kale, microgreens and avocado toast from the menu. Read more at The Wall Street Journal…


How one packaged food company is cashing in on the vegan movement

Pinnacle Foods has seen its stock jump 9 percent since this time last year. And at least according to social media mention data, its vegan brand Gardein is a big part of that. The company's range of meat alternatives also landed at the top of a consumer survey of favorite vegan brands conducted by Veganuary last year. Read more at Forbes...


Grocery outlet to open 25 new stores in 2018

More than a dozen new locations of the discount supermarket will be in Los Angeles, with the others in other markets where it’s already established a presence. Grocery Outlet employs an independent operative model and enlists local entrepreneurs to own and operate stores in their own neighborhoods. Read more at Grocery Winsight Business…


Montana barley fields become front line for climate change and beer

Barley is tough to grow—it requires a specific amount of water and sunlight. And in the unpredictable seasons Montana is experiencing, farmers are struggling to keep their fields healthy. Read more at NPR…


The world’s top banana is doomed and nobody can find a replacement

A fungal disease is threatening the Cavendish—the variety of banana that’s common in supermarkets around the world. The U.S. imports $2.3 billion of Cavendish bananas a year. Companies and institutions are spending millions to research and develop new banana varieties and to stop the spread of disease. Read more at The Wall Street Journal…

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