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5@5: What the 'insect apocalypse' has to do with Big Agriculture | Rebellious teens reject junk food5@5: What the 'insect apocalypse' has to do with Big Agriculture | Rebellious teens reject junk food

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April 17, 2019

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What the ‘insect apocalypse’ has to do with the food we eat

If the current rate of insect decline doesn’t improve, we’re looking at “near mass extinction of all insects within the next century.” The combination of habitat loss, pollution, biological factors and climate change are all driving forces—but agriculture is the culprit behind the first two, which are the biggest drivers. Read more at Civil Eats …


Teen rebels reject junk food


Teaching teens how conglomerates develop and market junk food may lead to healthier decision-making, a new study suggests. Girls showed less susceptibility in terms of changing their junk food habits overall, but the boys who were exposed to “the corporate calculations behind their favorite snacks” bought 30% less junk food during the remaining months of school than they had before. Read more at New Food Economy …


Low-calorie sweetener derived from lactose gets manufacturing boost from yeast

A newly discovered strain of yeast can metabolize lactose from dairy products and produce natural sweetener tagatose. According to researchers, tagatose “exhibits almost identical tastes and textures of sucrose, or table sugar” while containing less than half the calorie content. Read more at Science Daily …


Whole Foods’ 500th flagship store in Atlanta: The last of the flagship stores?

Learn why the “Amazonation” of Whole Foods could spell the end for flagship stores such as the newest, 500th location in Atlanta, Georgia. Amazon products are “suitably downplayed” here, and the “focus is on local, community and pushing the boundaries of foodservice. Read more at Forbes …


Carl’s Jr. debuts 4/20 burger with CBD

Carl’s Jr. will be serving customers at a single location in Denver, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain High CheeseBurger Delight this upcoming 4/20. The burger will feature a “CBD-infused Santa Fe sauce” and is part of an effort to draw in younger patrons. Read more at Munchies …

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