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5@5: Will California ban chlorpyrifos? | Environmentalists need to vote5@5: Will California ban chlorpyrifos? | Environmentalists need to vote

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September 26, 2018

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5@5: Will California ban chlorpyrifos? | Environmentalists need to vote
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EPA won't protect our kids. Will California?

The previous and current directors of the Environmental Protection Agency refuse to ban chlorpyrifos, a dangerous pesticide. While the case is in court, it’s time for California to suspend the chemical’s use in that state. That action would reduce chlorpyrifos consumption nearly 1 million pounds per year and keep it out of much of the nation’s food supply. Read more at NRDC.org


Millions of environmentalists are registered to vote in the U.S. but don't. What if they did?

Politicians ignore environmental issues because they think voters don’t care. But earlier this year, 62 percent of Americans surveyed said the government isn’t doing enough to protect the environment; 73 percent agreed that climate change exists; and 60 percent acknowledged that human behavior has a role in climate change. If environmentalists turned out to vote, those numbers might make a difference in Washington. Read more at Mother Nature Network

For information on voting in your state, click here.


Water thieves of the West take notice: This sheriff’s deputy is watching

While some parts of the country flood, the West continues to suffer a drought. As a shortage of any resource raises tensions, that drought has caused water disputes; some have even turned violent. For the last 10 years, Montezuma County, Colorado, has assigned one deputy for such arguments: Dave Huhn, water cop. Read more at KUNC.org


Do healthy diets protect the planet? As the U.N. meets, a focus on sustainability

Look no further than your grocery-store shelves to see how the American diet is changing. Plant-based meat and cheese alternatives are taking up space right next to legacy brands. Besides the health benefits to consumers, plant-based foods are easier on the planet. Read more at MPR News


What happens if Congress misses Farm Bill deadline?

Congress likely will not pass a new farm bill by its Sunday deadline. Don’t panic, though; in the past, lawmakers passed extensions until a new bill is approved. Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican, has said a one-year extension may be needed. The Senate and the House continue to fight over a work requirement for SNAP recipients. Read more at Successful Farming


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