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Latest Study Compares Arnica to IbuprofenLatest Study Compares Arnica to Ibuprofen

January 29, 2007

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Latest Study Compares Arnica to Ibuprofen

GHENT, NY – A randomized, double-blind study comparing Arnica Gel to 5% Ibuprofen Gel evaluated the Arnica Gel to be more effective by the patients and their doctors. Rheumatology International, a prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal will be reporting this study shortly.1

This also marks the first time a Bioforce AG product has been studied in a head-to-head comparison with a known OTC counterpart.

The study of 204 individuals with multiple osteoarthritis in the fingers was performed from May 2003 until March 2004 by 20 medical doctors (12 general practitioners, six rheumatologists and two specialists in general medicine) in Switzerland. The study used detailed patient questionnaires for first visit and second/last visit, three weeks later. Each group, the arnica gel group and the ibuprofen gel group, applied the product three times daily to affected finger joints.

“Arnica gel was shown to be as effective as 5% ibuprogen gel, and was equally well tolerated,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA, which recently launched Arnica Rub in the U.S. “In addition, the arnica gel was evaluated as more effective by the patients and their doctors. This is great news as far as instilling consumer confidence, as well as stimulating repeat purchases for retailers.”

Sheets continues, “Although ibuprofen is an established and highly effective active substance, it is an NSAID, which is known to cause certain sensitivities in some individuals over a long period of use. Arnica has had a safe history of use as a topical product by millions of people. This study shows that there is a solid, efficacious choice out there for people who do not want to use a NSAID topical.”

In addition, this study was planned and performed according to strict international guidelines for studies of multiple osteoarthritis of the fingers (OARS; Osteoarthritis Research Group International), EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products) guidelines for controlled studies and their statistical evaluation, as well as according to GCP Good Clinical Practice rules. This is the first study to be performed according to these strict guidelines. This is the very first study looking at this condition to be performed according to these strict guidelines.

This follows the recent news that Bioforce AG’s Arnica Gel was the first botanical product to be granted registration by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency under the European Directive on traditional herbal medicinal products.

1. Reto Widrig, Andy Suter, Reinhard Saller, Jörg Melzer. Choosing between NSAID and arnica for topical treatment of hand osteoarthritis in a randomised, double-blind study. Rheumatol Int DOI 10.1007/s00296-007-0304-y

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