Ganeden Biotech, Racconto Introduce Probiotic Pasta Line

Ganeden Biotech, Inc., makers of the patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30(R), today announced the launch of a new probiotic-enhanced pasta by Racconto(R), a leading U.S. importer-producer of private label and branded Italian pasta. The all-natural Essentials Digestive Health pasta line from Racconto(R) marks the first probiotic-enhanced pasta available to consumers.

The Essentials Digestive Health line is available in three individually sold pasta varieties, including penne rigate, rotini and rigatoni. All three varieties come in 12-ounce packages and are enhanced with GanedenBC30(R). Additionally, the new pasta line is all-natural and a good source of fiber, with 2 grams of fiber per serving. The pastas will retail for $2.99 to $3.49 and will be sold at select grocery retailers nationwide, including Hannaford, Giant and Price Chopper locations.

"The new Digestive Health line is a great choice for consumers looking for delicious pasta options that also deliver healthy benefits," said Rod Bambach, vice president of sales for Racconto. "The ability of GanedenBC30 to survive the heat of manufacturing and cooking made it the perfect choice to include in the Essentials Digestive Health line."

Probiotics are "good bacteria" that have been shown to improve digestive health and boost immunity. Unlike many probiotic strains, GanedenBC30 is unique in its ability to survive harsh manufacturing and cooking processes. Furthermore, GanedenBC30 is shelf-stable, making it an ideal probiotic to be included in a variety of food and beverage products, including pasta. The survivability and viability of GanedenBC30 can be attributed to the naturally-occurring hardened shell of organic material that protects the bacteria.

"We are excited to work with Racconto to provide consumers with another healthy option in the pasta aisles of their local grocery," said Ganeden Biotech CEO Andrew Lefkowitz. "Thanks to the shelf-stable properties of GanedenBC30, probiotics are no longer confined to the refrigerated dairy section. Since pasta is widely consumed, this seemed like a great opportunity to expand the health benefits of probiotics."

In addition to being sold under the Racconto Essentials Digestive Health line, private label opportunities are also available for the pasta varieties.

About Ganeden Biotech

Founded in 1997, Ganeden Biotech, Inc. is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the largest seller of over-the-counter probiotics in the U.S. through its Digestive Advantage(R) and Sustenex(R) brands. It also licenses its patented probiotic bacteria, GanedenBC30, for use in commercial food and beverage applications, medical foods, nutraceuticals and in animal health industries. GanedenBC30 is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by an independent panel of experts assembled to assess its safety in use as a food ingredient. For more information about licensing opportunities visit and for probiotic supplement information visit or

About Racconto

Racconto is an international food company specializing exclusively in products from Italy. It is a leading U.S. importer-producer of branded and private label Italian foods. Racconto maintains offices not only in the United States, but also in Italy. Products are distributed by many of the largest retailers, distributors and wholesalers in the U.S. Racconto is strategically positioned to provide their customers with unparalleled service, not only in pasta, but the entire Italian foods category. Racconto is one of the few Italian food importers capable of offering the highest quality private label products in all key categories including pasta, olive oils, vinegars, antipasto, condiments and tomatoes. They produce gourmet quality and fully certified organic product ranges which showcase the high standards of quality, continuity of supply, packaging and FDA compliance that Racconto strictly enforces. The market place partners of Racconto regard them as a trusted source for developing and implementing comprehensive, authentic Italian programs. For more information about Racconto visit

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