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10 ingredient companies to visit at Vitafoods, and 1 with no ingredients at all

Vitafoods Europe
Europe's premier ingredients show kicks off this week. Here's a solid 10 companies to rev up your new product development initiatives.

Gelita, booth I20. The world’s leading manufacturer of collagen proteins, Gelita, will be showcasing the most up-to-date scientific evidence in collagen peptide research. With new high-quality study results being available in the fields of mobility, body toning, beauty from within and wound healing, Gelita strengthens its position as a preferred partner for the development of innovative supplements and functional food products with demonstrated efficacy. At the show, the company will also present RXL R², a gelatine for soft capsules with revolutionary fast-fill release performance.

Lactalis, booth M130. Pronativ is the latest innovation in whey protein. Produced from 100 percent milk from a patented process, the company asserts that Pronativ, the first unique native whey protein, is superior to traditional whey protein isolate. Lactalis offers consistent and high-quality whey and milk proteins and continues to innovate within the dairy industry with products such as heat stable WPC80 and WPI. Combined, these high-quality proteins bring stronger nutritional and functional benefits to the sports nutrition, senior health and clinical nutrition markets.

Bioiberica, booth F51. The company has two branded ingredients that target joint health and mobility, both with demonstrated efficacy at low dosages. Mobilee has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen and other polysaccharides, and boasts six pre-clinical studies and five randomized clinical trials. B-2Cool is a native II collagen that targets joint health and function.

Algalif, booth B52. Produced in indoor enclosed photobioreactors in Iceland, this astaxanthin-rich Haematococcus pluvialis ingredient recently received Novel Food approval from the European Commission as a food supplement ingredient.

Benexia, booth K149. Chia continues to be all the rage as a rich source of the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. One issue with chia is its sensitivity to oxidation. Benexia’s new Xia Pure Ox Blocker is a new, proprietary process that increases stabilization of its chia oil and increases shelf life, while also being solvent-free and GMO-free.

FutureCeuticals, booth I76. Partnering with its EU partner Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients, the company will feature a range of sports nutrition solutions. Spectra increases nitric oxide, ModCarb is a gluten-free source of ancient grains, VitaCherry Sport helps post-exercise muscle recovery, and Terasante is a whole-food plant protein from leafy greens and sprouted beans.

Waitaki Biosciences, booth E46. Global supply of green-lip mussel as an omega-3 source is on the rise thanks to Waitaki’s expansion of its New Zealand facility. The company’s ActiPhen freeze-dried kiwifruit powder is also enjoying increased production capabilities for the digestive health market. Also on exhibit is CassiPure, an anthocyanin-rich blackcurrant extract for eye health, cognition and immune support.

Evolva, booth G85. The Ponce de Leon ingredient resveratrol should be a lot bigger ingredient than it is and has a whopping 1,100 studies published in 2016 alone. Veri-te resveratrol has a number of regulatory approvals, including EU Novel Foods, US self-approved GRAS and Pharma Grade. It’s produced using an innovative yeast fermentation process. You can also catch Veri-te at the New Ingredient Zone.

Verdure Sciences, booth H20. Longvida optimized curcumin has passed Certified for Sports by Korva Labs, a rigorous testing for banned substances for professional athletes. The batch tested at levels below detection limits for more than 200 compounds. The company will be revealing new research on Longvida’s ability to increase nitric oxide bioavailability, increasing blood flow 37 percent over placebo at 2,000 mg/day.

Kappa Bioscience, booth D10. Vitamin K2 is the forgotten vitamin with efficacy for bone health and cardiovascular health by optimizing calcium utilization in the body. K2Vital is a MK-7 form of vitamin K2, and will be presented in 15 different innovative product concepts in a unique collaboration between Kappa and other industry-leading partners.

Innova Market Insights, booth I94. Innova is always worth a visit to check out the key trends driving the functional foods and nutritionals sectors forward. Innova is expanding this year, with separate stands devoted to sports nutrition (booth L1) and packaging innovations (booth C90). Short educational talks also happen throughout the day at Centre Stage (K90) and the Life Stages Theatre (I164).

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