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Cargill launches new canola lecithin

The new ingredient is allergen-free, GMO-free and appropriate for organic foods.

Cargill recently launched a new deoiled canola lecithin emulsifier, answering the call from consumers and food manufacturers alike for plant-based, affordable, allergen- and GMO-free ingredients.

The canola lecithin joins Cargill’s line of plant-sourced lecithins; previous launches include soy and sunflower. “We are always looking to provide a portfolio of options for differing needs for customers,” says the company’s lecithin product line manager, Dave Link. “Canola is another option available in our portfolio that can help manufacturers innovate while delivering on consumer preferences.”

For formulators, this new launch increases flexibility by offering another plant-based option—one that’s more affordable than sunflower lecithin, more facility-friendly than a potential allergen like soy, and more attractive to natural brands than artificial alternatives. Though the ingredient itself is not certified organic at this time, Link says that it can be used under current regulations in many organic products.

Cargill’s canola lecithin is available now, and can be used as a one-to-one replacement for other lecithin types, appropriate for chocolate, confectionery, bakery, convenience foods and more.

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